Inventions in the field of medicine challenge every patent attorney in a way distinguished from inventions in other technical areas. This challenge is reflected in the specific case law established for inventions from the areas of diagnosis and treatment. These specific features are recognised under keywords such as Diagnostic methods, Surgical methods, Product requirements with medical process methodology etc.

We are specialists in the judicial features of patent applications and patents in the area of medical technology, and have gained extensive practical experience both in the protection and judicial enforcement of medical device inventions.

Furthermore, we are able to present a medical device invention in the best way possible when drafting the patent application. In other words we have a special understanding of the medical context, be it anatomical, physiological or pathological. For drafting the application and the acknowledgment of the state of the art it is, of course, ideal to know the work routine and the mindset of the inventor as well as of the end user of the medical invention. We have the necessary experience and knowledge and this will be reflected in the scope of the granted protection.

As a result of our professional training and business experience we are able to offer specialist knowledge of medicine and medical technology - diagnostic as well as treatment.

Below is listed some of the specialist knowledge and experience of our team, on which we are able to base our activities for you:

- Sound knowledge in the area of medical imaging both from medical and scientific activity

- Long-standing management activity at a R&D service enterprise in the area of medical technology and life sciences

- Co-inventor of patented contrast agents on basis of nano-particles for magnetic resonance tomography (MRT)

- Several years' occupational experience as an employee in the bio-mechanical laboratory of the Hospital Orthopedic Clinic “Rechts der Isar” of the Technical University of Munich

- Practical training as a medical doctor in a teaching hospital at the Medical School of the University of Oxford

- Several years' occupational experience as a R&D engineer for the use of new biocompatible materials in an international setup

- Responsible for a R&D department of a start-up in the area life sciences

- Acting as the deputy chairman of medical technology chair at the University of Technology Munich

- Long-standing scientific employees in the area of artificial heart valves and blood pumps in the Helmholtz Institute of Aachen and co-inventor of patented extracorporeal blood pumps

- International project manager in the fourth research supporting programme of the EU in the area healthcare and telematics

- Foundation adviser and coach in the area of medical engineering on behalf of the Bavarian ministry of economy

- Practical experience as a resident doctor